High performing organisations put high-quality care and good financial management at the heart of everything they do.

We’ve historically performed strongly financially – last year was the 18th consecutive year that we’ve balanced our books.

As you know, the NHS is in very challenging financial times and we need to tighten our spending across the Trust, and make sure our limited resources are spent wisely.

So that’s why we’ve launched Valuemakers.

We’re looking for everyone’s ideas on how we can work together to reduce waste or duplication, be more efficient and put more money back into patient care. The simplest ideas can have the greatest impact and those of you closer to services can often see where these opportunities are.

Please share your ideas with me – big or small – by sending them to me via this website.

Please don’t be anonymous, leave your contact details as we may want to get in touch to explore your idea and find out more!

This is an external site – so available whereever you are, you can submit an idea via your smart phone or tablet – so no need to be on our premises when you send your idea through, but of course you can use a Trust computer as well.

Thank you for helping – I look forward to receiving your ideas!

Best wishes,

Suzanne Robinson

Director of Finance, Performance and Digital

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